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Digi1 a specialised Digital Transformation Company helping Startups, Small and Medium enterprises to setup and growing their Digital Business. We work at strategy level, analyse the Digital Vision and Strategy of the Business, Identify the Organisation's  strengths and weakness and create a Roadmap of Programs and Activities with an emphasis on change adoption, focused execution, performance monitoring and continuous improvement. Know more about our frameworks and working models which enables an assured digital growth for your business. 

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We help you design and execute effective digital campaigns in order to achieve your business objectives

Our Services

Our team consists entrepreneurs, business, marketing and Technology Leaders with more than 20 years of experience in Digital Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Operations. 


To understand your Business, we employ a well researched Digital Strategy Framework that allows our experienced analysts to study your business model in detail to create a performance drive Digital Roadmap for your Business.  

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Our team is highly experienced in designing and executing performance driven Organic and Paid Digital Marketing Campaigns 

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Our team consists of leaders with more than 20 years of experience in designing and development of Technology and digital products including few of the world's largest digital products for consumers.

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Apart from designing a highly converting Sales Process for your Business, we provide Consultation and CRM Implementation services.

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Customer Service

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Sudarshan Karweer

Vice President, Innovation

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Nareder Bharadwaj

Founder & CEO, Venture7

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