content marketing

As per ‘Demand Metric’ Report – 80% of chief marketing officers see content marketing as the future of marketing.

Content Marketing costs less than the Traditional Marketing Methods like Display Advertising, Text Ads and generates 3X more leads.

71% of B2B marketers use paid methods to distribute content – Sponsored Articles & Guest Posts to win Back Links and Referral Traffic.

Companies with Blogs Produce 67% more Leads. 60% of content marketers consider blogs as their most valuable channel to Engage their potential Customers.

What We Offer?

Our Advantages

  • Very few outgoing dofollow links, hence you will get a better link juice from our links. 
  • We have a team working on improving traffic, DA, DR, UR, TF, TF/CF ratio. How it benefits you?: you pay based on current DA, but the DA increase over the time realizing more value for your link.
  • We use paid Indexing services, hence our article will be indexed very fast.
  • We add quality content on all our websites on Daily/Weekly basis.


  1. Content shall be relevant to our audience and a minimum of 500 words in length
  2. Content shall be Unique and pass copyscape test.
  3. Article shall has External Links to Authority Sites
  4. Posting option means  – You provide us the article and we publish it with on-page SEO done.  
  5. Article writing + posting option means – We will write the article based on your requirements and Publish.
  6. Post types: 
    1. A mini post is <300 words and one link,
    2. An Article will be 500-700 words with one or two links
    3. A Long Article will be 1000 words plus with 2 links. 
  7. We do not publish articles of type Drugs, Betting, or Casino.
  8. We do not mark Articles as Sponsored Article or a Paid Article.