How Contnuous Improvement can help in realising the Digital Strategy of your Organization?


Trying to build a perfect process, system or a Business model in one go is more futile than teaching a human baby to swim in first go. That shall not mean you try anything because you any way can not build a perfect system in your attempt.

You need to analyse, model, plan, execute, monitor, and measure as per a predefined process so that while doing these you can keep analyzing the area where your are doing good and why you are doing good and tweak your processes to incorporate your learning. The same goes for things that did not work, you will analyse what did not work and why they did not and tweak your process to avoid these mistakes.

Process Management Tools such as Kaizen, Lean or Six Sigma preach continuous improvement at their core. KAIZEN says that everything can be improved in a gradual and simple iterative stages where as LEAN talks about identifying and eliminating waste over and over and SIX SIGMA talks about improving the quality of the outcomes through continuous learning, coaching in order to achieve higher and higher sigma levels.

Usage of Continuous Improvement in Digital Business

  1. Lower the Cost of Acquisition, Sales and Service. Following points mention how the lower costs can be achieved. More money saved, means more money that can be invested back in to promoting your business meaning better growth.
  2. Improve the Quality of the Outcomes of your Digital Marketing and Sales Campaigns by identifying what is working and what is not and improvising your processes accordingly.
  3. Improve the Customer Experience through continuous customer feedback, which will lead to better Customer Retention

How to achieve Continuous Improvement?

Continuous Improvement in Product Development

Continuous Improvement in Branding

Continuous Improvement in Digital Marketing

Continuous Improvement in Sales

Continuous Improvement in Customer Service

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